3 GREAT LOCATIONS to buy BEER for Less in the Lehigh Valley
This Week's Specials
Prices good through Sunday at 5PM

Summer Wheat 24pk
24pk - 12oz bottles
Natural Lt and Ice 18pk
18pk -16oz cans

Smirnoff 24pk
24pk - 12oz bottles
(all styles)
Pabst 24pk
24pk - 12oz cans
Michelob Ultra 24pk
24pk - 12oz cans
 Genesee 18pk
18pk - 16oz cans
All Day IPA  
24pk - 12oz cans

Style:   Seasonal IPA
IBU: 42               ABV: 4.7%

Pairs well with: Mowing the lawn

Goose Island
The Illinois IPA
24pk - 12oz bottles

Style:   Imperial IPA
IBU: 95                ABV: 9%

Pairs well with: Spicy Mexican Food